An Apple Falls Far From Its Tree

Notorious cult leader and “craziest man in America”, Charles Manson, passed away from colon cancer. While his deeds and those of his brainwashed “children” are remembered, a real next of kin has been making the news.

The grandson of Manson, a man named Jason Freeman, is trying to claim the remains and give him a proper burial. Jason relates that he grew up a “fighter” in the shadow of his notorious grandfather, struggling also to cope with the death of his own father by suicide. While in jail for drug trafficking he turned to Christ. He turned away from crime and is now married and raising a family.

Two quotes illustrate the fascinating difference between these two:

“From the world of darkness I did loose demons and devils in the power of scorpions to torment.” (Charles Manson, 1934-2017; courtesy of Brainyquote).

“Laid in bed probably for hours just crying and just asking for forgiveness and help; help to understand, give me some wisdom to realize the path I’m on isn’t the right path.” (Jason Freeman, discussing the birth of his Christian faith in an interview with “700 Club“).

It sounds like his path will be a better one.

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